On your mark, get set…

After 10 years of management consulting in South Africa I changed my path and took a year out…to become a full time student again. I enrolled and was accepted into the University of Stellenbosch Business School’s Post Graduate Diploma in Futures Studies.

My world view changed, my mind was pushed, prodded and inspired to explore all sorts of new realms, new ways of thinking and strategising. I came to see how practically this rather unknown field could be applied so easily in our constantly evolving environment.

Google the term ‘futurist’ and you get a mixed bag! I make no claim to being a leader in this field (yet!), however, I get why this discipline is gaining traction. Link the holistic approach of futures studies to systems thinking and the key to meaningful strategising is right there!

I have to start somewhere so I am putting my plans and thoughts into action. I am reinventing my consultancy in a way I have never done before!

Along the way I will write about systems thinking, strategy, the field of futures and sometimes even comment on how I see things.


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